Serene Strokes

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A holistic approach to raising future generations

Bridging the mind – heart – soul connect

Uniquely suited to the individual

Evolving one’s Life purpose

Impacting humanity

Profound Ripples


Ayan Dharod, loves to explore and experience the world in all its beauty and splendor. He pursues a wide gamut of creative interests across dance, music, arts and theatre. He is a voracious reader and enjoys all genres of action. He is an active sports person and loves any physical activity. He is passionate about movies, old and new alike, as long as it is an interesting script and well directed.

Ayan, age 11, studies in Grade 7 in Indus International School Hyderabad, India. He cherishes his family bonding, with parents and grandparents, over meals and board games. He has a special bond with his elder brother Arya, and they engage in almost every endeavor together, whilst also sharing their mutual fondness of books and writing.