Serene Strokes


Ayan Dharod, loves to explore and experience the world in all its beauty and splendour.

He pursues a wide gamut of creative interests across dance, music, arts and theatre. He is a voracious reader and enjoys all genres of books. He plays the piano as well as drums. He is passionate about movies, old and new alike, as long as it is an interesting script and well directed.

An active sports person, Ayan enjoys basketball, tennis, badminton, swimming and skating. He pursues varied outdoor adventures like trekking, mountaineering, hiking and is a certified scuba diver as well as an intermediate level skier.

He is an MUN debater, besides being selected for various gifted programs, both residential and online. He has a keen interest in TED talks, podcasts and documentaries.

Ayan cherishes his family bonding, with parents and grandparents, over meals and board games. He has a special bond with his elder brother Arya, and they engage in almost every endeavour together, whilst also sharing their mutual fondness for books and writing.

His first book ‘To be or not to be : A tryst with destiny’ is the life journey of three people, representing youth, midlife and old age. Their destinies as they unravel through the choices they make and their eventual unimaginable consequences.

He has conceptualized and created three 52 week calendars.

‘Happiness 2022’ touches upon 52 simple acts and thoughts for the week, to bring back joy and a smile on our faces. The hand-drawn doodles represent the various possibilities around those themes to act upon.

‘Nature 2023’ is about human nature connect, which is getting lost in our rushed up world. 52 original hand-drawn artworks representing varied facets of nature, and penned haikus for each to bring out their true essence.

‘Human Wonders 2024’ has been a labor of love, and a commitment of over 500 hours of single-minded focused time, effort and dedication to create this repository of art. It is a testimony to Ayan’s attention to intricate detail and attempt towards perfection while pursuing each of his passions.

It took over nine-months from conception of the theme to the final physical manifestation on paper. A conscious decision to use only pen and ink on paper was made to bestow it an ethereal treatment, bereft of colors and visual effects, yet majestic and awe-inspiring!

Ayan, age 14, studies in Grade 9 in Indus International School Hyderabad, India.