Serene Strokes


Soul's journey

We are conditioned to build a tough impenetrable wall around our hearts.

Eventually, we lose our ability to even feel.

We have forgotten that our laughter, tears, frustrations and excitement are what make us humaan.

This life is going to be one hell of a journey, crazier than your wildest dreams.

Make sure to find bliss, peace and contentment along the way.

It is believed that our path has been laid out for us long before we are even born, with each twist and turn carefully mapped out by an intelligence superior to yourself.

This path is yours and yours alone – simply trust the process.

Cherish your “Soul’s Journey“!


Nature's wonder

We live our whole lives giving most of our time to the things that matter least, and the least of our time to the things that matter most.

Life isn’t a race, but rather a beautiful journey to be cherished and treasured.

Moments are too precious to be wasted on worrying about the future or reliving the tragedies of the past.

So, go out there and create memories, sing deep songs, smile harder, laugh louder, love wholeheartedly and never ever give up on your dreams.

Nothing is a bigger life than the ‘Creation’ itself!

If you are tired of just existing, and want to truly start living, open up your senses and heart, look deep but not too far … at this marvellous blue planet of ours.

Allow the magic to unfold and miracles to happen through “Nature’s wonder“!


Life's balance

We often exist at our own level of consciousness, intelligence and wisdom.

We are unwilling to stretch our mental faculties to dive further into higher depths and curiosity.

Never be satisfied with one side of the coin, for there is always another perspective to seek.

Where there is an answer, behind it lurk million more questions!

Keep challenging everything you think you know about the world.

Probably there aren’t any black and white answers.

It’s all a blur … shades of grey!

In the process, you will begin to appreciate the harmony and order of our magnificent universe.

You will begin to understand “Life’s Balance“!


Silent ripples

A silent, subtle ripple in the pond may not be noticeable at first.

In just a few seconds, it spreads over the surface of the entire pond, and for a fleeting moment blurs and transforms any reflection staring into the body of water.

In essence, that is what poetry, indeed most writing is.

Profound and powerful enough to inspire, move and question us from within.

In my own simple, subtle ways, through my writing, I wish to ignite sparks for a beautiful life and enriching soul journey for each one of us.