Serene Strokes

Transformational Journey

A holistic approach to raising future generations

Bridging the mind – heart – soul connect

Uniquely suited to the individual

Evolving one’s Life purpose

Impacting humanity

Profound Ripples


Arya Dharod, loves to share his perspectives about the world we live in, through the characters and situations in his books. He has a natural flair for writing, which he has been nurturing since a very young age of six. His stories are a reflection of the present generation’s life perspective, especially teenagers – their dreams, hopes, fears and character traits.

Lost Ca(u)ses is his fourth book, a crime thriller with a social relevance in the present day millieu. His first standalone writing was “Jungle Book : A Share Khan perspective’ – a contrarian take on the classic story from the antagonist’s viewpoint! ‘Clumsy Diaries’ is a fictional autobiography of Clumsy, an African Wild Dog, from his first to least breath, and an exclusive preview into Heaven after death! -2051 : Gen-i’, is a sci-fi, giving us a sneak peek into a utopian future world, where the lines between man and machine have blurred, and Mars has been inhabited!

Arya, age 15, studies in Grade 11 at Indus International School Hyderabad, India. He loves to watch movies and read books across genres, enjoys music and finessing his drumming skills, and play all kinds of sports. He is passionate about travel, and zealously possessive of his family bonding over meals and sweet nothings. His new fond fascination is human psychology, which he is exploring through books, documentaries, TED and discourses.