Serene Strokes


Sanket Dharod has a zest for carving a harmoniously blissful life, as a fine balance amongst its varied facets. He believes that igniting a spark in someone towards change and growth is the biggest gift, and one’s greatest contribution back to humanity.

He is an alumni of the Indian School of Business, graduating from the Dean’s list. He manages the family business, under the umbrella of Group Welkin, a marketing house specializing in corporate gifting for domestic appliances.

His interests span reading, movies, documentaries, self-directed learning, travel, TED talks, board games – all of which he pursues together with his family of three generations.

Sanket is a passionate parent, with an unassailable belief in holistic development through varied experiences and exposures, in the upbringing of children. This was the inspiration behind authoring his first book ‘The Parenting Flow’, an insight into his parenting approach and philosophy, sharing his experiences, ‘aha’ moments and reflections of his parenting journey.

On the larger canvas of Life, he is an ardent believer of life’s beauty and magnificence despite its simplicity. His second book ‘Flow with the Flow’ navigates the reader to create such a life by ‘Living with Awareness’. Through the book, he shares his perspectives and thoughts on the diverse aspects of life which are intricately intertwined, and make us who we are.

In Sanket’s words, “‘The beauty of a life well lived is in its creative synchronicity, playing as a melodious symphony, merging seamlessly our varied life priorities.”