Serene Strokes


Human Wonders 2024


Festival greetings,

As we welcome the New Year 2024, we present to you our 52-week calendar for gifting to your friends and family, social circle, well wishers, esteemed customers, business associates and employees across the organization.

In our hurried lives, we all tend to organize our professional as well as personal lives by the week … regular routines, planning tasks, scheduling meetings, celebrating occasions … everything is envisioned weekly.

A day is too short and a month too long – the week is conceptually easier to maneuver our lives around.

From this thought was conceived the idea of our 52-week calendar!

Overwhelmed by the digitalization of the world, there is a growing movement towards de-connecting with technology, whereever possible, and going back to our original simpler ways. A small step in this direction is our tabletop calendar!

The theme of this year’s calendar is ‘Human Wonders’ … 52 stunning hand-drawn artworks of the world’s finest monuments created through the span of human history.

These 52 elaborately crafted creations have been created exclusively with pen & ink … intricate black & white masterpieces as a tribute to human ingenious.What better than art to start every week of 2024!

Every year, through our calendars, it is our endeavor to bring a smile in appreciation of artistic beauty, while keeping the faith in humanity and our ability to create a beautiful world around us.

Wishing you a wonderful 2024 ahead!

For a cause : 100% revenues will go towards the Group Welkin CSR initiatives.Personalization of individual, corporate or brand possible for largeorders.

The pandemic has changed our lives forever …
it has forced us into a virtual lockdown, that we continue to live in!
While we are vaccinated from the virus,
we continue to be infected by the artificial digital syndrome!

We have an entire world of beauty outside,
waiting for us to relish in the delights it has to share!
Yet we stay confined in our cocoons,
believing that the caterpillar remains,
when in reality, the butterfly has already awakened!

Nature is all around us, yet we barely spend a few moments in its presence.

Even a few minutes under the rain drops or your feet dug deep into the soil, will refresh you with energy that lasts a lifetime.
Let’s relish this gift given to us and dig deeper into our roots!

I will touch upon 52 natural occurrences found on this planet, that are bound to bring a smile to your face and heart.
The haikus give a glimpse into the soul of that pristine beauty, the hand-drawn artworks are a repesentation of their natural form.

This 52 weeks calendar is an endeavor to connect us back to Nature, to pause and re-vitalize ourselves with a larger connect, on the path to greater joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Nature Calendar

Happiness Calendar

Every day ensure to think, act, feel such that our hearts fill with joy, It’s this one special life we all have, so let’s not forget to enjoy!

We spend 8 hours at work, 4 hours on TV and Social Media …. Why don’t we have even a few minutes for our own selves!
Why aren’t we willing to invest time and effort for happiness?

This calendar will guide you through this year’s 52 weeks, because we all live and plan week by week, on the path to greater joy and fullment in your life.

We will touch upon 52 simple things for you to do, that are bound to bring a smile to your face and heart. The couplets give a glimpse into the week’s concept, the hand-drawn doodles represent its various possibilities. Let’s move closer to the ultimate state of Happiness – Bliss!