Serene Strokes


Light & Dark

A one act play by Arya Dharod

Characters :

Light – a tall man, smiling wide and radiating positivity, surrounded by white light

Dark – a tiny man, frowning and with a serious, gloomy face, surrounded by darkness

Judgement – a mid-sized, ordinary man, serious and straightforward, neutral

Setting : 

A room covered in white light, with no objects or people in it, except for Light and Dark, who sit on two chairs close to each other, and Judgement sitting on another chair a little farther away. 

Light : 

(Enthusiastically) Ah, we meet again after so long Dark.  

So good to see you and have a tete-a-tete to sort out our differences. 

(Aside) – Man, he’s always so negative and dull.  

Wish darkness would disappear from this world altogether.  

He anyways serves no purpose whatsoever. 

Dark : (Gloomy and dull) And, there we go again.  

Positive, joyful, grinning light.  

As a matter of fact, I’m very displeased to be seeing you AGAIN. 

We can never sort out anything between us, no matter how hard we try.  

I don’t know why I am wasting time here with you.  

We are absolute opposites – two ends of the same spectrum! 

The Voice

In conversation with The Voice
Arya Dharod

One moment here,  

and suddenly, I’m there. 

One moment, down on earth 

and suddenly, I’m up in the clouds. 

One moment, surrounded by people and buildings,

and suddenly, I’m surrounded by white and light. 

A light shone, far off in the distance. 

It got closer, heading for me. 

as it came closer,  

I had the most curious sensation. 

As if, all the negativity and confusion and clutter in my head,

was being washed away,  

driven back, by this light. 

As the light came closer,  

I had to shield my eyes. 

It was so bright and divine, 

and suddenly, in front of me. 

It was there – The Voice! 

The Quarantine

Arya Dharod

Infected. Covid-19 positive.

14 days in Lockdown.

Moved to a five star-hotel.

Day 1 : Bored. Lonely. Watching TV. Lying in bed. Eating like

a hungry wolf.

Day 2 : Annoyed. Frustrated. Loathing. Counting the number

of tiles in the bathroom. Imagining patterns on the ceiling.

Day 3 : Enough! Something has to change! Things can’t go

on like this! What more can I do? Called Dad. Send over

some books, DVDs and a yoga mat.

Day 4 : Exercised. 1 hour. As soon as I woke up. Lack of

space. Lack of a trainer. Did whatever I knew. Did whatever I


Realization : When you say no, your mind comes up with a

hundred excuses and difficulties. When you say yes, your

mind comes up with a hundred solutions and possibilities.