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The Parenting Flow” book helps parents navigate the challenges of modern parenting and raising happy children

“The Parenting Flow” a recently released book helps parents navigate the challenges of raising children in today’s fast-paced world. This book has been written by Sanket Dharod, himself a parent of two inspiring teenage sons.

He shares the intent behind writing the book :

“This book is my humble attempt to share my ‘awareness insights’ on my short (or long!) journey through my ‘parenting flow’ so far!

In the midst of all the chaos – feeling lost, confused, dazed, overwhelmed, frustrated; have arisen many a ‘aha’ moments of insightful contemplation read more..

16-yr old Arya Dharod launches “Silent Ripples” an anthology of contemporary reflective poetry

Arya Dharod (age 16) has launched an anthology of free verse poetry.

The set contains 3 books with over 400 poems and 100 haikus spanning diverse topics touching upon life’s varied insights and reflections.

In Arya’s own words, “A fleeting thought, a sudden realization, a reflection on an aspect of my own existence …… all coming to life in the form of poetry. I have titled this entire repository of my poetry “Silent Ripples”. A silent, subtle ripple in the pond may not be noticeable at first. In just a few seconds, it spreads over the surface of the entire pond, and for a fleeting moment blurs and transforms any reflection staring into the body of water. In essence, that is what poetry, indeed most writing is. Profound and powerful enough to inspire, move and question us from within. In my own simple, subtle ways, through my writing, I wish to ignite sparks for a beautiful life and enriching soul journey for each one of us.” read more..