Serene Strokes

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A holistic approach to raising future generations

Bridging the mind – heart – soul connect

Uniquely suited to the individual

Evolving one’s Life purpose

Impacting humanity

Profound Ripples


To be or not to be

‘To be or not to be’, his first book, is his attempt to share his worldview and life perspective, as seen from his young mind and soul. It is the life journey of three people, representing youth, midlife and old age. Their triumphs and turbulations in everyday life, and how their paths meet over something beyond normal human perception. The destinies as they unravel through the choices they make, and the eventual unimaginable consequences.

Ayan welcomes you to join him on a roller-coaster of a ride with destiny : ‘To be or not to be’!


Lost Causes

Arya Dharod, loves to share his perspectives about the world we five in, through the characters and situations in his books.

He has a natural flair for writing, which he has been nurturing since a very young age of six.

His stories are a reflection of the present generation’s life perspective, especially teenagers – their dreams, hopes, fears and character traits.

Lost Ca(u)ses is his fourth book, a crime thriller with a social relevance in the present day millieu.


Flow with the Flow

Life is simple!
Why do we complicate it?

Each one of us desires something unique from life.

Why do we compare and contrast our lives with each other?

Life is in the finer details, subtle feelings, sublime memories, aha experiences …

Why are we so entangled in the grosser outwardly compulsions of money, fame and power?
The endeavor is to access Life in its natural, free, serene, at ease, full-on existence.

Why do these not signify our definitions of a happy satisfying enriching life?

‘Flow’ is a journey of tapping into our highest potential of creative energy.


The Parenting Flow

Parenting is one of the most remarkable journey you will embark on over your lifetime! Nothing compares to the bliss of selflessly bringing a new life into our world.

The ‘Parenting Flow’ is your connect to ages of human evolutionary wisdom.

You get an access to the Universe’s magnanimous nurturing and boundless love. In the process, creating a ‘Life Force’ of abundant resonance and vibrancy!

It is way beyond the constricting definitions of art and science of ‘ideal parenting’.

While there is madness, there is a ‘method to the madness’ in all the ‘aha’ insightful moments. No one is a ‘born parent’, yet we are magically bestowed with the requisite ‘parenting instincts’.


Gen-i 2051

This book contains a lot of information about the future!

Please don’t read this if you don’t want to ruin your surprise of the future!!

This book has been sent through a time machine to you, the citizens of 2020, I guess. Yes, time machines were invented in like 2034 by a guy named Haze Laurus. So, start thinking Haze (wherever you are). You don’t have much time left. Start an inventing company or something (oops, I shouldn’t have told you that).

So, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, okay!

But, if you like spoilers about absolutely anything, then read on…..


Clumsy Diaries

Arya Dharod (10) lives with his parents and grand-parents in Hyderabad, India. He is studying Grade 6 in Indus International School. Arya has been an avid reader from a very young age and developed a flair for writing from the age of seven. His passions include watching movies, Indian food and chilling out with family. He loves learning about any subject under the sun.

Clumsy Diaries is an inspiration from his ten day stay in the private game reserves of &Beyond Ngala and &Beyond Phinda; and being ‘out in the wild’ for ten hours each day! It has been hand written and edited by Arya, after returning back from their South African holiday in October 2016.


Ayan Dharod (7) is Arya’s younger brother and studying Grade 2 in the same school. He shares his passions of reading and watching movies with his elder brother. Besides, he loves arts, drama, running and having fun with Arya. All the illustrations and drawings in this book are Ayan’s creations, including the cover page.