Serene Strokes

Transformational Journey

A holistic approach to raising future generations

Bridging the mind – heart – soul connect

Uniquely suited to the individual

Evolving one’s Life purpose

Impacting humanity

Profound Ripples

Life’s balance


We often exist at our own level of consciousness, intelligence and wisdom.

We are unwilling to stretch our mental faculties to dive further into higher depths and curiosity.

Never be satisfied with one side of the coin, for there is always another perspective to seek.

Where there is an answer, behind it lurk million more questions!

Keep challenging everything you think you know about the world.

Probably there aren’t any black and white answers.

It’s all a blur … shades of grey!

In the process, you will begin to appreciate the harmony and order of our magnificent universe.

You will begin to understand “Life’s Balance“!



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